Experts Marketplace

Uniting Talent with Opportunity

It's a dynamic platform designed to bridge the gap between professional expertise and project needs. This innovative marketplace serves as a catalyst for collaboration, empowering clients and experts alike to achieve their goals with efficiency and precision.

For Clients: World of expertise at the fingertips. The Marketplace offers a seamless process to post projects, outlining the specific skills and experience required. With this intuitive platform, one can easily browse through a curated list of experts, each vetted for their proficiency and reliability. Engage with professionals who align with your vision and drive your projects to successful completion.

For Experts: Whether one is a seasoned professional or a rising talent, Experts Marketplace provides everyone with a platform to showcase their abilities. With a diverse array of projects, one can connect with potential clients, and embark on new challenges that resonate with their expertise. It helps expand one's professional horizons and grow their portfolio with meaningful engagements.

Features of Experts Marketplace:

  • Project Posting: Articulate project requirements and attract the right talent.

  • Expert Discovery: Navigate through a pool of skilled professionals with ease.

  • Efficient Communication Channels: Foster clear and effective collaboration.

  • Skill Matching: Ensure the perfect alignment between project needs and expert capabilities.

  • Secure Transactions: Secured transactions via reputed payment gateways.

Technical Specification

  • Utilizing microservices architecture to ensure the platform can handle increased load and traffic as it grows.
  • Incorporating real-time analytics and data processing for instant insights into marketplace activities.
  • Using machine learning algorithms & third party integrations to provide personalized recommendations for both clients and experts.
  • Implementing comprehensive security protocols, including encryption, secure authentication, and regular security audits.
  • Creating automation rules for routine tasks to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors.


  • Frontend:
    Angular, Typescript
  • Backend:
    Node.js, GraphQL
  • Database:
  • Message broker:
    RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Others:
    Amazon S3 for file storage, JWT Authentication, RBAC, New Relic